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Aluminium sulfate is sometimes called alum or papermaker s alum however the name alum is more commonly and properly used for any double sulfate salt with the generic formula X Al SO4 2·12H2O where X is a monovalent cation such as potassium or ammonium 5 Aluminum sulfate has an action similar to that of alum but is more stringent 2


Liquid aluminium sulphate shall contain water soluble aluminium of not less than % w/w as Al or % w/w as Al 2 O 3 In lump ground or flaked aluminium sulphate the water insoluble matter shall not exceed % w/w In liquid aluminium sulphate the water insoluble matter shall not exceed % w/w Note 1

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Technically aluminium sulphate powder is written as al2o12s3 or sometimes as al2 so4 3 It is a fine white powder and free from impurities It is odorless with a sweet and mildly astringent taste Aluminium sulphate powder should be stored and handled with care It should be kept in air tight containers in dry and cool area

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Aluminium in water AL H2O Aluminum Al and water Aluminum and water reaction mechanisms environmental impact and health sulphate use as a basic material in paper glue tanners mordants and synthetic rubber and aluminum hydrogen as a reduction and hydration agent

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Aluminum Sulfate 18 Hydrate Chemicals for Science Education CAS Number 7784 31 8 Formula Al2 SO4 3·18H2O Density g/mL Boiling Point Decomposes Freezing Point 86°C Solubility Water Shelf Life 36 months Note The chemical specifications for some items on this product page may differ from the specifications listed above


Aluminium sulphate is used for precipitation and coagulation in potable industrial and waste water treatment In textile industry it is used for colours fixing CHEMICAL COMPOSITION Al2 SO4 3 14 H2O CHEMICAL AND PHYSICAL DATA Granulated Al sulphate Liquid Al sulphate Al2O3 min 17 % min 8 % Fe2O3 max % max %

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2 moles of solid Aluminium [Al] react with 3 moles of aqueous Sulfuric Acid [H2SO4] to form 1 mole of aqueous Millosevichite [Al2 SO4 3] and 3 moles ofFor example C6H5C2H5 O2 = C6H5OH CO2 H2O will not be balanced but XC2H5 O2 = XOH CO2 H2O will Compound states [like s aq or g ] are not required You can use parenthesis

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Aluminium sulphate anhydrous is solid at ambient temperature Executive summary Expiry date 18 December 2022 allocated by NOTOX Supporting information on the common hydrated forms 18 and 14 H2O is extrapolated from literature and from description of an analogue in an experimental report

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Product name Aluminum sulphate 18 hydrate Catalog name pure 114547305 pure 424547304 pure FP VI 424547306 EC index number lack REACH reg number 01 2119531538 36 XXXX WE Number 233 135 0 CAS Number 7784 31 8 Material form solid Chemical formula Al2

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Dostel Aluminum Sulphate Industry A S was established in 1970 Saphane Kutahya and started trial production 1974 to process the rich ofOxide LA2 O3 Sulphate AL2 SO4 14 18 H2O manufacturer n Turkey We re trying our best to become a perfect supplier in Turkey with your cooperation Our products well sold South America middle east

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Molecular Weight g/mole 14 18 H2O Aluminium sulphate powder Apart from being renowned providers of many vital chemicals and mixture Amorphos is one of the best Aluminium Sulphate powder providers Aluminium Sulphate powder Al2 SO4 3 is a fine white powder Odourless with sweet and mildly astringent taste

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7732 18 5 Molecular formula H2O IUPAC Name water Constituent 4 Reference substance name Sodium sulphate EC Number 231 820 9 EC Name Sodium sulphate CAS Number 7757 82 6C16 18 even numbered Hydroxyaluminum dialkylcarboxylate C16 18 even numbered and Aluminum trialkylcarboxylate C16 18 even numbered Constituent 2

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Aluminium sulphate has zero basicity whereas that of the polymerized aluminium salts varies from about 50% for Al 2 OH 3 Cl 3 10% w/w Al 2 O 3 18% or 24% w/w Al 2 O 3 the 10% and 18% w/w grades being the most commonly available The other polymeric aluminium salts PACS and PASS although less common behave in a similar manner to PACl